Loving Fear

They ask you why, homie tell em it’s human nature

-We’re not meant to be alone chasin’ paper

Trees never leave bro, they’re everywhere we go

But it’s everything to find a woman that’s not an Instagram hoe

Stop frontin’ for the street team with the mean muggin’

You buggin’ if your whole life is thuggin’

You in the crib alone DMin’ hoes, is this how it goes?

Get you a queen wit a mean walk and goals

-We’re not meant to be alone

No man is an island and even being a peninsula is perpetrating

A guarded heart cause you fear no one is relatin’

They do though, you know, you’ll never know

If you keep this iron curtain in front of your Great Wall

-Stalling the inevitable

Inevitably someone will charge and break through

Ransack your heart, have you callin’ her boo

And it’ll scare you but trust the fear’ll subside

Just hold on tight homie, enjoy the ride.


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