Silence, My Love

Silence is my inspiration

My fingers touch her lips which never part and she touches my heart

A thought occurs while I’m in her and my innards spew forth

Clever retorts to conversations that rage one sided in my mind

Cause she never speaks. She just focuses my time

I’m nothing without her but I’m so intimidated at the same time

So timid I avoid her but she stays on my mind

She catches my tears in the dark but says not a kind word

Forces me to find my way out of her darkness without guidance heard

I treat her foul try to drown her out but she never leaves

She waits patiently for me to figure that fact out, she sees

I love my fear of her, hate my love for her

Fear my need of her, crave the muse in her

Silence is Golden Brooks beautiful and all encompassing

My personal terrorist promising redemption if I concede

Her need to have me is reciprocated begrudgingly but somehow lovingly

Never publicly, we do relish our privacy

But promise me love that what we create together

I can share with the world.

Maybe then I can make it better

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