Reverse Reality

​As he walked through his reality,  all he saw was greatness.

Models to his left, photographers to his right, rappers to the center.

There were smiles and drinks for all so how could he hate this? 

He had memories of another time, a better time, that would not allow him to accept this reality ever. 

So he escaped.  While everyone else “lived” now,  he put on his goggles and “lived” then. 

He had conversations in person again. His problems were private and his knowledge was true. 

Liars were confronted and anonymity was only for luchadors as it had once been. 

This virtual reality was overwhelming.  There was too much right here, too much wrong there,  and he immediately knew what to do.

And so he stayed. Never sought after by anyone in reality.

Until his physical body began to decay and his health faded away. 

Everyone was where they wanted to be.

What a beautiful way to die outside of the fray.

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