The Useless Automaton

My function is to talk
Whether in rhyme or not I share my mind
I’ve been programmed to talk
The quotes I’ve spoke are all mine
And that is all I am
I possess no other function
No scientific notions, no athletic motion
No aptitude for the ocean
I can’t even punch in
My programming lacks the clock in function
My thoughts are often bunched in with what appears to be intelligence
But that’s just negligence on the part of my programmers
I’ve banged most of that out with hammers
I’ve attempted to adapt but failed to find an apt application of my aptitude
Maybe it’s my attitude
I thought of changing my longitude and latitude but saying it out loud sounds like an empty platitude
I’ve tried servitude and showed gratitude to any that would guide me
But they’d just jive me and I’d hide me so they’d like me

You see my function is to talk
But not from force
Of course freedom creates the strongest horse but what am I
Worthless if I can’t define and live by what I was designed for
So I try more and they ignore
Because why should they care what I’m here for

When my function is to talk and they don’t care what I say
No matter what way you view it I’m stupid
A wasted effort of my creators a danger to those who see me fail
They’ll see me as a cautionary tale
They’ll make no more like me they’ll likely blithely dispose of me
But I guess they do so justly

See all I can do is talk
And not even on command
It takes time to comprehend the world around me
It confounds me but I see a beauty and it astounds me
I try to intertwine this entrancing elegance in my eloquence
But their avarice for numbness is in abundance

And so I talk
Quietly into the silence to give sight to the blinded
Or thoughts to the absent minded
Or jump start a heart that’s grinded to a halt
At least that’s my intention
But I’m a worthless invention
And I guess that’s all my fault
For those who can’t adapt die
And now that time is mine

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