Grow Up

If you not a new rapper and you talking those coke bars
I don’t give a fuck who you are, homie grow up
There’s a plethora of things you can speak on
Insteada droppin another weak song, flow up

If you black and you rap and all you wanna do is set us back
Shut ya trap we honestly don’t need to hear all that
See, you not gon’ make me believe you got Gs
But you still on the corner wit crack homie fall back

You got kids, you gonna let em listen to your hits
Teach em all how they should sell bricks
Lil homies on the front lines dyin cause they out here livin what you spit
That’s gotta make you sick

And nah they not blameless, but if you don’t feed em them trash tracks they might be a bit less brainless
Maybe they won’t pray to the stainless maybe they won’t be so aimless
But you just want a new chain hanging so you don’t really care who bangin

I get it, im wit it, it’s money over all
But what you gonna do when they bury all of yall

The Useless Automaton

My function is to talk
Whether in rhyme or not I share my mind
I’ve been programmed to talk
The quotes I’ve spoke are all mine
And that is all I am
I possess no other function
No scientific notions, no athletic motion
No aptitude for the ocean
I can’t even punch in
My programming lacks the clock in function
My thoughts are often bunched in with what appears to be intelligence
But that’s just negligence on the part of my programmers
I’ve banged most of that out with hammers
I’ve attempted to adapt but failed to find an apt application of my aptitude
Maybe it’s my attitude
I thought of changing my longitude and latitude but saying it out loud sounds like an empty platitude
I’ve tried servitude and showed gratitude to any that would guide me
But they’d just jive me and I’d hide me so they’d like me

You see my function is to talk
But not from force
Of course freedom creates the strongest horse but what am I
Worthless if I can’t define and live by what I was designed for
So I try more and they ignore
Because why should they care what I’m here for

When my function is to talk and they don’t care what I say
No matter what way you view it I’m stupid
A wasted effort of my creators a danger to those who see me fail
They’ll see me as a cautionary tale
They’ll make no more like me they’ll likely blithely dispose of me
But I guess they do so justly

See all I can do is talk
And not even on command
It takes time to comprehend the world around me
It confounds me but I see a beauty and it astounds me
I try to intertwine this entrancing elegance in my eloquence
But their avarice for numbness is in abundance

And so I talk
Quietly into the silence to give sight to the blinded
Or thoughts to the absent minded
Or jump start a heart that’s grinded to a halt
At least that’s my intention
But I’m a worthless invention
And I guess that’s all my fault
For those who can’t adapt die
And now that time is mine

Another Night

​I just want a minor reprieve.

From these demons in my ear and the things that they believe.

I just want to sleep in peace without the weight of negativity suffocating me. 

I don’t want this to be my reality anymore. 

These a.m. hours leave a sour taste stain on my brain that I abhor.

The candles escape simply by burning out. 

But I’m not allowed that escape route.

I don’t want to sit here with you misery.

We shouldn’t be so completely and yet we are eternally. 

Another night escapes you, but i cannot.

Silently accepting my lot in life as you slowly take from me all that I got. 

Reverse Reality

​As he walked through his reality,  all he saw was greatness.

Models to his left, photographers to his right, rappers to the center.

There were smiles and drinks for all so how could he hate this? 

He had memories of another time, a better time, that would not allow him to accept this reality ever. 

So he escaped.  While everyone else “lived” now,  he put on his goggles and “lived” then. 

He had conversations in person again. His problems were private and his knowledge was true. 

Liars were confronted and anonymity was only for luchadors as it had once been. 

This virtual reality was overwhelming.  There was too much right here, too much wrong there,  and he immediately knew what to do.

And so he stayed. Never sought after by anyone in reality.

Until his physical body began to decay and his health faded away. 

Everyone was where they wanted to be.

What a beautiful way to die outside of the fray.

Contaminated Conscious

​Another episode of Love & Hip Hop before texting her ex

A molly before heading to the club next

Trap beats and rhythms move her body but her soul is paralyzed  

She’s yet to realize the extent to which she’s been dehumanized 

The saddest eyes only attract guys who will never do her right

But at this height she can’t see right and just wants his game to be tight

She doesn’t know how real shit is

The haze of strange personifications has her in a daze as to who she is

Wise minds pray it’s just a phase but she’s unfazed cause she’s a boss bitch, it’s so sick 

She requires mental ventilation after the inhalation of such pollution

But her mental incarnation is a life sentence due to street infatuation

Perspective’s Answer

​Special you are not sir

Unique is a moniker not reserved for you

I agree to a depressing degree unfortunately

Cause the sweat on my brow, my heaving chest, and tired legs from chasing wasting  time of mine disguised as a grind are evidence of mistakes of mine

I thought myself divine

Disappointment, disinterest, and depression taught me better as they do to mere mortals

Eventually, I had to see the answer. 

The Other Side

​She was glad he was gone.

He was nothing but a source of false hopes and broken dreams

She looked in the mirror for the first time in 10 years and loved what she saw.

She was free to pursue her dreams by any means.

She donned her dress.  The one she never thought she’d have reason to wear.

With him she never would have.  She took to the streets with no fear as if she always belonged there.

Ceremony complete,  they were now one and the man who tried to save her from herself is forced to live with the reality.


Sunny Umbrella

​She said you wouldn’t understand

You shield your heart from sorrow, i shield mine from all that is grand

In my darkness i am content…safe

Within your righteous rainbow i am out of place

The vibrancy of your colors is a light of hope that is too often extinguished and I’ve no desire to adjust my eyes again

So I’ll stay here, in the dark, where it is safe, until my days are at an end

And as she walked away, umbrella up on a sunny day, there was nothing i could say

For i too feared what was grand and the race to attain it

My eyes were tired from the constant dilation due to disappointment, the vibrancy of my colors flaring up and sputtering out

As she walked the way i saw the beautiful sadness of understanding how cold the world is and her choice in how to navigate it

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Silence, My Love

Silence is my inspiration

My fingers touch her lips which never part and she touches my heart

A thought occurs while I’m in her and my innards spew forth

Clever retorts to conversations that rage one sided in my mind

Cause she never speaks. She just focuses my time

I’m nothing without her but I’m so intimidated at the same time

So timid I avoid her but she stays on my mind

She catches my tears in the dark but says not a kind word

Forces me to find my way out of her darkness without guidance heard

I treat her foul try to drown her out but she never leaves

She waits patiently for me to figure that fact out, she sees

I love my fear of her, hate my love for her

Fear my need of her, crave the muse in her

Silence is Golden Brooks beautiful and all encompassing

My personal terrorist promising redemption if I concede

Her need to have me is reciprocated begrudgingly but somehow lovingly

Never publicly, we do relish our privacy

But promise me love that what we create together

I can share with the world.

Maybe then I can make it better